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 The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube

Skewer Kebab Maker Box ProCube

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube

The skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube will transform the way you experience and enjoy your preferred skewer-kebab food into a traditional Italian style BBQ.

We are winding up the summer, the buzz is in hi-gear for back to school, football and Labor Day weekend.  This is the perfect time to switch from what used to be your preferred  method of BBQ grilling as you knew it.  The skewer kebab maker box professional pro-cube, will make event planning interesting, fun and best of all easy.  Let me share with you my secret for our family grilling events, Italian style of course.  Having established arrosticini (tender morsels of  lamb, char-broiled on a skewer or kebab Italian style) is now the family favorite. The bamboo sticks are suspended delicately over burning lump wood coal, creating an unforgettable BBQ flavor. The meat is all natural, organic wholesomeness coupled with unforgettable flavors, who doesn’t appreciate this?

Skewer-kebab maker box professional Pro-Cubo

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube  video

Eliminate plates, forks, knives, and condiments, you can already begin to see the advantages of grilling on a bamboo stick your favorite foods in a distinctive way. Ditch the forks, rid yourself of knives, forget paper products.

Simply enjoy the most delicious and succulent mouth watering skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube creations.  Char-broiled skewers and kebabs from a bamboo stick, like you’ve never had before.  The main attraction will be prepared and ready to grill for 3 minutes, then ready to eat from the skewer to your mouth, so be sure all the side dishes are placed and ready for serving, arrosticini skewers and kebabs will take center stage.

Kids love Arrosticini by Rostigrill

Kids love skewers & kebabs by Rostigrill

Some fresh bread or focaccia drizzled with cold pressed virgin olive oil, a dash of sea salt and a pinch of pepperoncini with a glass of Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo red wine, are all you need to accompany this menu.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The skewer-kebab maker box cubo for domestic use  How to make arrosticini  click image

Rostigrill, has seen to it, that the original authentic skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube is available here in the U.S. Wow, it is so easy to prepare for a few or several people these gourmet size bamboo skewers, there is no limit to the possibilities or the ways of creating this culinary bbq skewer-kebabs extravaganza,  the Italian grill artist way.    Grilling the skewers when they are the same size and weight ensures the flavors and tenderness to be consistent.  You will need the right tools, as with any task, if you don’t have them, the preparation will be a chore, not a pleasure.  As with most food there are waste area’s, bone, excessive area’s of fat, skin, seeds, peel, parts of the food that we throw away, dispose of and yet will clutter up your beautiful presentation of food unless trimmed before hand.  That is when you need utensils, knives, forks, other various kitchen ware in order to dig for the good stuff eliminating the unused parts of the food.  When I use my skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube for making my skewers, there is no waste, all of that has been discarded and accounted during preparation.  Each piece has been properly examined, specifically layered, tenderly aligned, measured with accuracy for consistent, volume, weight,  and size.  The most rewarding step in using the skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube process is running the knife through the pre-cut guides, giving the precision of clean slices through the food skewers.

Talk about feeling proud, when I carry a dish of skewer-kebab make box pro-cube made by my pro-cube to events, or planned gathering at home, take off the saran wrap, everyone says, wow, not only because of how pretty they are, but knowing how great they are going to taste and so fun to eat!  Let’s get them on the rostigrill and char-broiled those skewers-kebabs up.

I am choosing  lamb for the meat of choice this Labor Day, thanks to my most recent visit with:

  1. Macalusa, in Civitella Casanova, Italy
  2. Il Carro, in Pratola Peligna, Italy
  3. Vecchio Muro, Sulmona, Italy
  4. Majella, Pacentro, Italy

I have learned all the tips on how to prepare and serve this Italian delicacy the professional pro-cube way.

I have attached two very detailed video’s for your benefit on how to make these scrumptious tender morsels (arrosticini) absolutely perfect with the the skewer-kebab maker box pro-cube, pauloucci knife, and a variety of grills by Rostigrill that would best meat your personal and individual needs. 

skewer kebab by Rostigrill

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube. Bigger Skewers-Bigger Kebabs, click image

Think about it, when we cook, we need continual contact with our food through a utensil. From beginning to end, while cooking, from the source of preparation, and from the plate to the teeth and mouth. With the skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube and domestic use, you have eliminated so much work.   It is so practical for me these days to use a professional pro-cube maker for skewers and kebabs at any gathering, I have scheduled with my family or friends.  In fact, we all know,  these days, my participation of food choice I contribute will be non other than a selection of skewers and kebabs for grilling.  There is no doubt that the children and the adults will pass all other foods first, head straight for the skewers, and then build a plate of salad and fruits to accompany their meal.

The Rostigrill is calling me, it is time to light the magic little square which ignites and starts a fire so perfectly in the natural lump wood coal, we are having New York strip steak tonight, with portobello mushrooms, spinach, and pepper jack cheese…

Till tomorrow, I will be building another blog so we can chat again,


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Arrosticini in Macalusa

Arrosticini in Macalusa by Rostigrill

Arrosticini in Macalusa

The day was extraordinary to say the least. How, when a comment was made by my man “Pepe”, to stop in Popoli at Diffusion Beer & Wine Spirits in order that we might sample some Genziana, did I end up in the original absolute most authentic mountain top tavern/pizza restaurant in Abruzzo. Macalusa is located at Piazza del Borgo 57, Civitella Casanova, Italy. Civitella Casanova is considered the home of arrosticini, to confirm, first hand, this is notified that in the town hall are the first licenses for the sale of arrosticini dating back to 1819, the province of Pescara or other surrounding provinces. Civitella is defined as “the country that invented the arrosticini“. Make reservations when you are in the area, or even if you are not, get there…

Popoli, Abruzzo by Rostigrill

Popoli, Abruzzo

Popoli is a beautiful town; we had stopped to visit a cousin of my husbands, then followed through on information shared by our tour guide for all spiritually important places to go and things to do. Popoli is smack dab in the middle of Italy, located in the region of Abruzzo.

A town in the province of Pescara, the area around the springs, which are the source of the Pescara River. The river basically runs through the middle of the town, or I suppose the town was founded on the availability of the rich mountain mineral water source so conveniently located, it only made sense to establish a historical rich town here.

It was relaxing watching the waters flow as we anticipated our guest of invitation and our guide for the evening, to enjoy with them the best arrosticini ever! The oldest part of town is situated just below the Cantelmo Castle, in the north-east, today it is an important industrial center.

Sorgenti at Pescara River by Rostigrill

Sorgenti at Pescara River

The springs of the Pescara offer wonderfully clear vibrant mineral water, after traveling approximately 30 days through the mountains. This fresh mineral water is commonly used for the therapy of rheumatic pains, and of course the foundation of making excellent beer. The medicinal value of the water also contributes to the great taste of Feudi Genziano that is made by our friend Giovanni Paolini.

Church in Popoli 900AC

Church in Popoli 900AC

The tradition of char-broiled grilled lamb on wood skewers or kebabs, over an open wood coal fed grill BBQ style has been popular in Italy for years. When you google arrosticini in wikepedia, you will find it originates from the food consumed by shepherds and other inhabitants of the mountainous areas in Abruzzo within the villages of Civitella Casanova, Carpineto, and Villa Celiera.

Big Rostigrill at Macaluso

Arrosticini in Macalusa

Rostigrill has made this culinary experience available to Americans as of 2014. This Italian tradition should be offered in every restaurant, tavern & pub, as well as our homes for an evening meal, or a family style BBQ on our patios, and around the pool, the same as we do in Abruzzo Italy. Served with fresh bread generously drizzled with local extra virgin olive oil and a glass of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (rosso) red Italian wine, you have a meal you will always remember. It never gets old, I eat this natural wholesome mountain raised grass fed lamb meat regularly as I know it is healthy and good for me, cooked with the method of preparation the Italians have used for BBQ for years.

The best part, is the easy preparation of the skewers using the cubo, can be as fun as eating them. No forks or knives are needed; pull the pieces of meat from the wooden skewer (called “ceppo”) with your teeth – that technique is an art all of it’s own. I have enjoyed arrosticini so much, and wanted to duplicate this experience, at home as well as when I am abroad.

Rostigrill has helped me to accomplish this in the United States. Grill-ware of traditional Italy, hand made and imported to North America has continued to inspire the opportunity of sharing skewer/kebab bbq grilling Italian style in the United States. Every menu in Abruzzo Italy has arrosticini on it, they are as common as hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken nuggets are to our children in America.

Kids love Arrosticini by Rostigrill

Kids love Arrosticini

The idea and purpose of sharing this cultural culinary BBQ skewer grilling art of sorts, is to bring the family together, sharing good nourishing food at the table, and create great memories at the same time. I wish everyone could visit the mountains of Abruzzo, knowing well that isn’t probable, Roberto & Cynthia Pizzica will help continue to introduce and share this great family tradition from Italy with America. I personally adored this experience from the first time I tried eating lamb from a skewer, char-grilled over the all natural lump wood coal, there is nothing I can compare to the unique taste and flavors of arrosticini.

Remember, the Genziana sampling was what got us here to this occasion.

I must take a moment, and explain, Genziana, it is a deep straw yellow colour, of average alcohol content, and with the typical aroma and taste of the gentian, which are intense and easy to identify (yellow flower, & root which is extracted, dried and allowed to continue life). The plant, with its typical yellow blossom, grows only in Europe, in Italy it will only flower in specific Alpine and Central Apennine zones, at an altitude of 1,000-2,000 metres.

Best Genziana made in Abruzzo Italy by Roberto

Best Genziana made in Abruzzo Italy by Rostigrill

This liqueur is part of the ancient custom on the Abruzzo Apennine of producing small amounts of wine aromatized with gentian roots, used as an excellent digestive drink. Bottom line, it absolutely works, for what it is made to do, assists in digestion.

Time to embark on a journey that seems never ending, as the winding road leads up the mountain and do not stop. The sun is gradually disappearing behind the mountain range, yet this endless sky blue lingers above as the colors won’t release a sunsets vision for several hours during the summer. As a back seat driver in the car, I am no good, bless those that recognize it is best to sacrifice the front seat, as a roller coaster needs to see the horizon as it goes up and down, or it gets rather turbulent, well I do any way. All is beautiful, traveling North on SP40, from Popoli, past Scafa, Nocciano, and finally arriving to our destination, Catignano Casanova. Other than a few area’s where the road was missing, (the workers simply place some brightly colored cones close by, suggesting you better stay clear)…the ride was a breeze, in the front seat of course.

Macaluso dinning with Rostigrill

Arrosticini in Macalusa

Arrived to Macalusa, incredible! The place is packed with people, young, old, children, families, all of it. People travel similar as we did, from miles around to enjoy the individual charm and authenticity of this specialty way to make and enjoy a specific type of Italian food. The aroma of char-broiled, grilled lamb, arrosticini, beef steak, pork, meats of any type, grilling on this open face all natural lump wood elongated BBQ maker is such a unique way to cook and enjoy sharing with family and friends outdoor, or indoor for that matter, carne (meat) .

Arrosticini on Rostigrill

Arrosticini in Macalusa

A firewood coal oven positioned directly next to the large canal style skewer/kebab grill allows easy access of additional wood coal distribution as needed, braised and ready to score some more meat.

Thank-You for joining me on this days journey, check back soon, as there are lots more stories and experiences to share.


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 BBQ Skewer Grills Italian Style

BBQ Skewer GrillWare by Rostigrill

BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style, watch video

I have traveled to Italy a couple of times, my mind set, as I return yet again, is always how am I going to top my last visit, and experience some great newness of this marvelous country.

To no avail, I am always pleasantly surprised, this trip was no exception. An outdoor culinary BBQ skewer grills Italian style extravaganza is one way to describe my afternoon at the ranch. Combining a spectacular location, perfect weather, and a unique outdoor event, that is similar to what we call “tail gating” here in the states, (grilling & food snack specialties held prior to football games, in a parking lot or field next to your car, with your vehicle gate open) coupled with family and friends, it is unbeatable enjoyment. Grilling is an art to begin with, selecting the menu, beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, or veggies, the entire preparation which leads to the mouth watering anticipation of eating with outdoors, particular cuts, the marinade used, the time of exposure to the open heat, flipping and turning precisely to lock in juice and tenderness. These gatherings are to typically enjoyed, having conversation and creating memorable good times. As this day has captured my memories, I hope to share it with others in this blog.


Campo Imperatore, Italy

This is a dedication to my husband for his varied multi-cultural, and well traveled heritage, and the desire to share those experiences with me.

From the Mid-West myself, raised in the heartland of America, there are no mysteries, from the corn pastures, to the farms, and deep in the caverns as a spelunker, I have been introduced and know the country quite well in which I was born and raised. My Gran Sasso, Mountain Ranch BBQ Skewer Grilling adventure, has become an experience so totally awesome, I have allowed it to become a passion and one of the reason’s for a purposeful addition to my legacy.

Roasted BBQ skewer grilled lamb, the way to prepare, grill and eat, who would have ever imagined?

Food is always wrapped up in the equation when speaking of visits to Italy, and family to share this special time with, cuisine has been historically providing unforgettable bonding time since the Italian culture began. Respect for the pride that Italian families share in the preparation of food in itself has brought me to the purpose of sharing how I was introduced to grilling Italian style. With this said, I have decided to introduce this delicious, fun way of grilling to the United States, this is how it played out.

As we are driving on the mountain roads of the The Gran Sasso, in the region of Abruzzi Italy for our day’s outing, I could see in the distance a shepherd herding sheep, carrying the typical wooden staff, accompanied by dogs to help keep everyone in order. Crossing the road, directly in front of me, is a dozen or so very healthy grass fed cows, with large brass bells on leather straps buckled around their necks. The cows were in no hurry to find the next patch of fresh green grass in which to graze, so don’t honk the car horn, just wait till they mosey along, then continue your journey, as it will not bother them in the least.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

BBQ skewer grills Italian style

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

I must interject here for just a moment, the Italian people can create spectacular meals with peasant food, the plentiful of meat is much different than here in the U.S. It is not common to order steak or lamb as a main entree, antipasto’s, cured pork (prosciutto,) cheese, seafood and pasta’s dominate the menu’s of the country and it’s restaurant, or dining opportunities. Hence, the cattle and sheep that are raised, have diets of natural good wholeness from the earth’s richness. Shepard’s walk with the sheep, dogs herd the flocks, water, sun and fresh air fill miles of mountain ranges and openness, bringing us back to thoughts of an organic system put in place since the beginning of time.
Off to the side of the road, we come upon a structure, in the middle of a open field, I have landed at a remotely located opportunity to dine in these mountains? Yes indeed, outside there are long narrow canal shaped rectangular metal grills, filled with hot braised wood coals, in anticipation of cooking the most delectable tasty meat you can imagine.

BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style

I could hardly get myself out of the car fast enough to get inside, view the vast selection of cuts and types of meats, make my personal selection, then be served in an open piece of foil, skewers, and a shaker of sea salt so I could personally grill my own choice of feasting foods. This picnic BBQ grilling area has tables in between the grills, additional lump wood coal if needed to increase the braising magnitude, and metal hooks to distribute the coals throughout the canal. Small holes are cut in the steel, in order to allow maximum air flow, cooking the meat evenly, and the staff assisting in instruction told me the temperature of the heat reaches between 700F-900F degree,

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills the heat can reach up to 900F degree

therefore roasting very fast. The idea of skewers, keeps the meat from coming directly in contact with any metal, the reason behind all of this again is to enhance the flavors of the food. Terracotta serving pots were placed randomly on the grills, to be used as a warmer for the food while shifting skewers and eating them. These Italian hand crafted clay ware servers, were an impressive sight. Adding a very personal touch by the individual ranchers each one was autographed with black hand painted “Arrosticini” on the shiny glazed earthenware. Yes, I had to bring one home as a keepsake souvenir.

We are made aware today, more than ever of the phrases “all natural”, “natural foods”, “organic”. They are widely referenced terms in food labeling and marketing with a variety of definitions, most of which are vague. There is no mistake about it, the definitions can be confusing and unrelated. Italian BBQ grilling in the mountains on the ranch is the real deal. The actual grilling process took only a matter of minutes, no worry with forks, knives, or plates, simply place the skewers, once cooked, side way to the mouth, clamp the teeth onto the food, and slide off, chewing and taking your time to taste the creation is your only goal at this point, enjoy! The only seasoning added was provided with a coarse sea salt shaker. I waited to sprinkle after once the meat was cooked to desired wellness, so as to not shrink and draw out any of the natural juices locked inside the tender tasty morsels. Buon Appetito time for sure, that is: Enjoy yuor meal.

The BBQ skewer grills by rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills Italian style

Briefly distracted, out of the corner of my eye, I observed others with fresh ciabatta rolls, and red wine. The ideal marriage to this already tantalizing grilled banquet, these are a necessary addition, or as we say in U.S., a must. Montepulciano d”Abruzzo is a a red Italian wine made from the Montepulciano wine grape in the Abruzzo region of east-central Italy. A dish of freshly picked arugula accompanied as the greens, plentiful and freshly picked from the back garden. Needless to say, I had just experienced the best BBQ skewer grilling event of my life! For those who appreciate grilling, (count me as one) this was and still is an astounding celebration each and every time.

You have the idea I hope by this time, trying to relive and put into words brings me to the point of this blog. There are many ways you can share this grilling event with your family and friends at home, given a few items to keep on hand for specialty grill-ware enthusiasts, a local food festival, a park, family reunion or the beach for a special holiday will be talked about and remembered for years by all. Try something new, different and beyond the ordinary. I hope everyone is hungry after reading this, and that the art of BBQ skewer grilling has excited you about giving it a try. Creating memories is what paves the way for growth and strength in our family, community and our country. The Arrosticini is delicious!
I will continue to provide recipes, and give further idea’s of how to make your next event special and unique.


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Italian Mountain by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini from the Peligna Valley, enlarge image

Original authentic arrosticini

Returning to Italy has been the inspiration needed to continue this blog!  Today, my first day upon returning, I am taking a hike from the Peligna Valley, up to the small mountain side town of Prezza, the surrounding has already tempted me to consider dinner idea’s for this evening, original authentic arrosticini of course.    Nestled in the side of a mountain, Prezza is beckoning me to reach her piazza.  

Prezza town Rostigrill

Prezza Town, Abruzzo, enlarge image

A piazza is an open square or public place in a city or town, especially in Italy, an open area with a hard surface, where there is no traffic.  The piazza is an Italian’s second home, although it also can double as a shopping plaza, day care center, courtyard, sanctuary, office, stadium or a dance floor.  In the course of a day, the residents of a village or neighborhood come to the piazza to flirt, buy things, catch up on gossip, display new clothing, compare the latest in cell phones or apps, talk politics or just to visit. 

Once I have completed today’s hiking adventure, I will surely be ready for a hearty, healthy meal prepared outdoors on the grill.

BBQ Skewer Grill-Ware by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini grilling time, enlarge image

Pratola Peligna, opens the view to Prezza in the near distance, on with my walking shoes, let the hike begin.  The mountain air is fresh and the temperature with a crisp freshness are a perfect combination for walking.  All along I am reminded of how we have brought this Italian tradition of over 200 years to America.  Bringing the presentation of “Grilling Italian Style” to America, just shy of a year ago now, as I promised, it is now time to share with you how to make original authentic arrosticini  (lamb skewers)

It is necessary to have uniform, precise pieces of meat for the skewers to pass through.  This measure allows the tender morsels to be cooked evenly when placed over the hot all natural braised lump wood coal.

The meat is cut in little cubes, this can be done piece by piece, or built using a skewer kebab maker box, which provides a cube shaped form from which you can prepare the many skewers consecutively and quickly.  Tender mountain raised, grass fed lamb is recommended.  Mutton is suggested if available for the most flavorful skewers. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of lamb, however, when it is prepared as traditional original authentic arrosticini this way, I can rank it up right up there with my new york strip steak. Different flavors totally, so individually succulent in their own right.

The BBQ skewer grill ware by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini inside a terracotta pot , enlarge image

Every cook out needs to be easy and scrumptious, eliminate paper plates, plastic-ware, make the preparation, grilling and eating with family and friends nutritious, fun and simple.  Knowing that  you can eat healthy yourself, and make the same for those you love, will encourage you to consider original authentic arrosticini for your next grilling event. You will recognize that making of arrosticini is truly an art, that even you can do.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini using the skewer kebab maker box cube, enlarge image

A skewer, kebab maker box cube will give you the opportunity to prepare exact cuts or pieces of lamb, with precise weights and size.  Stacking the meat uniformly on a bamboo stick, is all you need to have them ready for the hot braised coals to char-broil.

First, the preparation of the meat:

Use 5 and 1/2 pounds of lamb, preferably boneless shoulder or leg.  Remove the fat carefully from the meat and set aside, it is the only condiment used as a part of each skewer. Portion sizes should resemble approximately, oh, say 6 x 4 inch shapes, maintaining a 1 – 1 1/2 inch thickness.  There is no need to use a meat mallet, tenderizing slightly with the knife prior to stacking will do fine.

If you have decided that a cube would be easiest way to make your skewers, continue to stack the layers, starting with the fat. This keeps the lamb on the skewer tip, giving extra flavor to the lamb while grilling. Be sure to cover the entire lid area of the cube, leaving no empty space between the pieces as you build your arrosticini in a block formation.

Mountain raised, grass fed lamb is not carried at all butcher shops.  We always use the best possible cuts, raised in wholesome environments, allowing this goodness to be passed on naturally.  Organic healthy and nutritious, the same way we choose to live as we make that choice.  My vegetarian friends enjoy so…much this way to grill good wholesome food, using all natural lump wood coal contributes to the aroma and flavors. When you need to add healthy protein this works perfectly, and still keeps you on track with healthy nourishing objectives for the body.

Follow the first layer of fat with 2 layers of lamb, remembering to fill all of the spaces completely with meat. The 4th layer will be once again the reserved fat cut from the meat, continue layering till full. I recognize that this layering becomes involved, however, this is the most critical part of making the skewers the perfect and only way actually.  The distribution of flavors as the meat is cooked is what makes this layering process a unique delicacy.  As you finish filling the cube with lamb, gently press the meat with your hands. Your skewers or the entire cube should then be 80% lamb and 20% fat.

Unless you have a BBQ skewer grill by Rostigrill, you will want to soak the bamboo skewers for 30 min. in cool water. Here is where I like to remind you, bamboo is natural wood, therefore the skewers, may not be perfect. Being prepared by having on hand additional skewers for any quantity you are making is a good idea. It is recommended to pre-skewer the meat prior to inserting the bamboo skewers so as to make a clean penetration.  Pre-skewering is not necessary with all foods, only lamb, pork, or game typically require this step, unless of course creating your skewer by hand. 

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

Original authentic arrosticini Abruzzesi, enlarge image

Placing the skewers of arrosticini on the grill, with hot coal, you can roast for approx. 2 minutes on each side, one flip, no more than a total of 4 minutes.  The aroma will permeate the air, the original authentic arrosticini will need just a dash of all natural sea salt to taste. I personally can enjoy 8-10 skewers, typically figure approximately 10 or more per person.  

Traditionally, Montepulciano red wine from Abruzzo Italy is served with the spiedini skewers of lamb, you will also enjoy a slice of ciabatta bread sprinkled with fresh olive oil, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette to complete your cuisine of Italian char-broiled arrosticini.  You can indulge your imagination preparing a variety of skewers and kebabs, using meat, chicken, seafood, fruits & vegetables.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

You can indulge our imagination preparing a variety of skewers/kebabs using meat, chicken, seafood, fruits & vegetables, enlarge image

As I have reached my destination to the piazza in Prezza, I am ready to return back home and prepare original authentic arrosticini with my family. Thank-You for sharing with me the preparation of this specialty skewer tradition from years past of the region of Abruzzo Italy. Till next time, eat healthy, Italian style!


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BBQ Skewer Grills to America

Bbq Skewer Grills to America

BBQ Skewer Grills to America

How BBQ skewer grills are brought to America; you have Dreams. But in order to make your dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

This is about how we started our adventure, with Pizzica Italian Imports LTD., originating from the Region of Abruzzi, Italy. The stories and experiences daily are shared with Roberto as my life partner.  In December of 2013, it was time to act on a future of opportunity together.  I have been fortunate enough to help share in building a dream which started out as an idea with a vision.  The art of grilling with all natural lump wood coal, serving succulent skewers of mountain grass fed lamb, has no compromise with respect to the Italian people.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills to America

Married now, with the last name Pizzica, I obviously have a love of the Italian culture.  I believe we all want in life to build a legacy that we can have our family say, at some point and time, my Mother believed in something so strong, and wished to share it with others, that she pursued it.

Finding our “Niche” was not easy, however,  super natural once we discovered it.

Three years prior to this point, I was dining at the Pizzica home in Prezza, Italy with family. I was introduced to “Arrosticini”, it was picked up at a local restaurant near the Piazza, similar to picking up Pizza here in the U.S.  If I haven’t totally overwhelmed you yet with the double z’s, double r’s, and double ss’s, just brace yourself, it continues.  “Arrosticini” roughly translated as  “Mini Lamb Bites”, was served on a skewer, grilled to perfection, moist, tender tasty morsels that had you wanting more with each bite.  The tantalizing flavors of this mountain raised grass fed lamb simply burst in your mouth once you slid the meat off the skewer and started chewing. Easily, you can eat 10-20 in a sitting, and so much healthier for you than a crust full of gluten.  Montepulciano d”Abruzzo Red Italian wine is served along with fresh ciabatta rolls and organic garden arugula. The only seasoning is the shaker of sea salt, and of course a dash of (peperoncino) red pepper for those wanting to experience all the best of the taste sensations together.

Italian Products “Beyond The Ordinary” by Pizzica Italian Imports is born.

Our specialty is Italian Grill Systems for Skewered Food.  The grill-ware along with age old techniques to make them is commissioned now to be spread world wide.

Rostrigrill Facility

Production facility, Italy, watch video

Our passion is to offer the diversity of products that have been created by Italian local craftsmen and manufactured specifically for us.  We proudly endorse each and every item with the mark of origin, Made In Italy.  This reflects a symbol of quality and status as well as a statement.  Our priority is to bring Italian tradition to others with pride and integrity. Newly formed, and introducing to the United States, we have launched a range of Italian made BBQ Skewer Grills and Grill-Ware, branded them in America as ROSTIGRILL.  As the ambassador’s behind Pizzica Italian Imports LTD, we started out demonstrating every weekend how to make, use and enjoy good food, outdoor grilling, and  family fun.

Bringing BBQ Skewer Grills to America can be a daunting task.

Beginning with food festivals, music and art events, and catering private parties, we have grow with the advances of the online world, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, web-sites and e-Commerce.  The goal is to reach everyone, Pizzica Italian Imports LTD has seized the opportunity and will continue to expand into the purpose of sharing the most unique way to enjoy BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style in America.  This blog is becoming as natural to share as the inspiration on which we were founded.

Memorial Day Sale for BBQ Skewer Grills

BBQ Skewer Grills in America

Thank-You to each and everyone who has dared to step out of your comfort zone with BBQ Grilling Skewer Italian Style, and all of you who have tried BBQ Skewer Grilling before, and want to re-visit the experience. Ciao per adesso!

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Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Cubo

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

Skewer-kebab maker box cubo watch video

Authentic Italian tradition from Abruzzo, Italy 

Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Cubo is the perfect tools to prepare an assortment of skewered food. With this amazing cube you can indulge your imagination preparing a variety of skewers and kebabs; beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, cheese and fruits in minutes.

Perfect shape, perfect size, perfect bite!

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

Skewer-kebab maker box cubo

Using the skewer-kebab maker box cubo with paolucci knife, you need only 100-bamboo skewer sticks 10″ long by 3mm diameter (make sure your bamboo skewers at not bigger than 3mm it won’t go thru the cube hole guides. The Paolucci knife is made specifically for the skewer-kebab maker box cubo with a 9″ stainless steel blade with 1mm depth from the handle to the tip.

Arrosticini (Ah-ros-tee-chee-knee) are tender morsel of charbroiled grass fedd lamb on a bamboo skewer. Want to give a dinner party and impress everyone? The skewer-kebab maker box cubo with a paolucci knife is exactly what you need, with this little gem your skewers will always have a perfect shape and excellent presentation with a terrific taste. The paolucci knife 9″ stainless steel blade will complement your skewer-kebab maker box cubo

Product Features and specifications:

  • Durable stainless steel cage, 1.5mm gauge
  • dimensions 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″
  • Cover 2 lids resin/polystyrene with skewer holes and knife guide
  • Stainless steel square plate for easy skewer removal and a stainless steel spike to pre-skewer the meat
  • Lightweight 4lb
  • Dishwasher safe

The Paolucci knife is made  specifically for the skewer-kebab maker box cubo a 9″ stainless steel blade with 1mm depth from the handle to the tip will provide a better leverage to place the cuts

How to use the skewer-kebab maker box cubo – How to make arrosticini watch video

Kids love Arrosticini by Rostigrill

Skewer-kebab maker box cubo.

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