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 BBQ Skewer Grills Italian Style

BBQ Skewer GrillWare by Rostigrill

BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style, watch video

I have traveled to Italy a couple of times, my mind set, as I return yet again, is always how am I going to top my last visit, and experience some great newness of this marvelous country.

To no avail, I am always pleasantly surprised, this trip was no exception. An outdoor culinary BBQ skewer grills Italian style extravaganza is one way to describe my afternoon at the ranch. Combining a spectacular location, perfect weather, and a unique outdoor event, that is similar to what we call “tail gating” here in the states, (grilling & food snack specialties held prior to football games, in a parking lot or field next to your car, with your vehicle gate open) coupled with family and friends, it is unbeatable enjoyment. Grilling is an art to begin with, selecting the menu, beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, or veggies, the entire preparation which leads to the mouth watering anticipation of eating with outdoors, particular cuts, the marinade used, the time of exposure to the open heat, flipping and turning precisely to lock in juice and tenderness. These gatherings are to typically enjoyed, having conversation and creating memorable good times. As this day has captured my memories, I hope to share it with others in this blog.


Campo Imperatore, Italy

This is a dedication to my husband for his varied multi-cultural, and well traveled heritage, and the desire to share those experiences with me.

From the Mid-West myself, raised in the heartland of America, there are no mysteries, from the corn pastures, to the farms, and deep in the caverns as a spelunker, I have been introduced and know the country quite well in which I was born and raised. My Gran Sasso, Mountain Ranch BBQ Skewer Grilling adventure, has become an experience so totally awesome, I have allowed it to become a passion and one of the reason’s for a purposeful addition to my legacy.

Roasted BBQ skewer grilled lamb, the way to prepare, grill and eat, who would have ever imagined?

Food is always wrapped up in the equation when speaking of visits to Italy, and family to share this special time with, cuisine has been historically providing unforgettable bonding time since the Italian culture began. Respect for the pride that Italian families share in the preparation of food in itself has brought me to the purpose of sharing how I was introduced to grilling Italian style. With this said, I have decided to introduce this delicious, fun way of grilling to the United States, this is how it played out.

As we are driving on the mountain roads of the The Gran Sasso, in the region of Abruzzi Italy for our day’s outing, I could see in the distance a shepherd herding sheep, carrying the typical wooden staff, accompanied by dogs to help keep everyone in order. Crossing the road, directly in front of me, is a dozen or so very healthy grass fed cows, with large brass bells on leather straps buckled around their necks. The cows were in no hurry to find the next patch of fresh green grass in which to graze, so don’t honk the car horn, just wait till they mosey along, then continue your journey, as it will not bother them in the least.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

BBQ skewer grills Italian style

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

I must interject here for just a moment, the Italian people can create spectacular meals with peasant food, the plentiful of meat is much different than here in the U.S. It is not common to order steak or lamb as a main entree, antipasto’s, cured pork (prosciutto,) cheese, seafood and pasta’s dominate the menu’s of the country and it’s restaurant, or dining opportunities. Hence, the cattle and sheep that are raised, have diets of natural good wholeness from the earth’s richness. Shepard’s walk with the sheep, dogs herd the flocks, water, sun and fresh air fill miles of mountain ranges and openness, bringing us back to thoughts of an organic system put in place since the beginning of time.
Off to the side of the road, we come upon a structure, in the middle of a open field, I have landed at a remotely located opportunity to dine in these mountains? Yes indeed, outside there are long narrow canal shaped rectangular metal grills, filled with hot braised wood coals, in anticipation of cooking the most delectable tasty meat you can imagine.

BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style

I could hardly get myself out of the car fast enough to get inside, view the vast selection of cuts and types of meats, make my personal selection, then be served in an open piece of foil, skewers, and a shaker of sea salt so I could personally grill my own choice of feasting foods. This picnic BBQ grilling area has tables in between the grills, additional lump wood coal if needed to increase the braising magnitude, and metal hooks to distribute the coals throughout the canal. Small holes are cut in the steel, in order to allow maximum air flow, cooking the meat evenly, and the staff assisting in instruction told me the temperature of the heat reaches between 700F-900F degree,

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills the heat can reach up to 900F degree

therefore roasting very fast. The idea of skewers, keeps the meat from coming directly in contact with any metal, the reason behind all of this again is to enhance the flavors of the food. Terracotta serving pots were placed randomly on the grills, to be used as a warmer for the food while shifting skewers and eating them. These Italian hand crafted clay ware servers, were an impressive sight. Adding a very personal touch by the individual ranchers each one was autographed with black hand painted “Arrosticini” on the shiny glazed earthenware. Yes, I had to bring one home as a keepsake souvenir.

We are made aware today, more than ever of the phrases “all natural”, “natural foods”, “organic”. They are widely referenced terms in food labeling and marketing with a variety of definitions, most of which are vague. There is no mistake about it, the definitions can be confusing and unrelated. Italian BBQ grilling in the mountains on the ranch is the real deal. The actual grilling process took only a matter of minutes, no worry with forks, knives, or plates, simply place the skewers, once cooked, side way to the mouth, clamp the teeth onto the food, and slide off, chewing and taking your time to taste the creation is your only goal at this point, enjoy! The only seasoning added was provided with a coarse sea salt shaker. I waited to sprinkle after once the meat was cooked to desired wellness, so as to not shrink and draw out any of the natural juices locked inside the tender tasty morsels. Buon Appetito time for sure, that is: Enjoy yuor meal.

The BBQ skewer grills by rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills Italian style

Briefly distracted, out of the corner of my eye, I observed others with fresh ciabatta rolls, and red wine. The ideal marriage to this already tantalizing grilled banquet, these are a necessary addition, or as we say in U.S., a must. Montepulciano d”Abruzzo is a a red Italian wine made from the Montepulciano wine grape in the Abruzzo region of east-central Italy. A dish of freshly picked arugula accompanied as the greens, plentiful and freshly picked from the back garden. Needless to say, I had just experienced the best BBQ skewer grilling event of my life! For those who appreciate grilling, (count me as one) this was and still is an astounding celebration each and every time.

You have the idea I hope by this time, trying to relive and put into words brings me to the point of this blog. There are many ways you can share this grilling event with your family and friends at home, given a few items to keep on hand for specialty grill-ware enthusiasts, a local food festival, a park, family reunion or the beach for a special holiday will be talked about and remembered for years by all. Try something new, different and beyond the ordinary. I hope everyone is hungry after reading this, and that the art of BBQ skewer grilling has excited you about giving it a try. Creating memories is what paves the way for growth and strength in our family, community and our country. The Arrosticini is delicious!
I will continue to provide recipes, and give further idea’s of how to make your next event special and unique.


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