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BBQ Skewer Grills to America

Bbq Skewer Grills to America

BBQ Skewer Grills to America

How BBQ skewer grills are brought to America; you have Dreams. But in order to make your dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.

This is about how we started our adventure, with Pizzica Italian Imports LTD., originating from the Region of Abruzzi, Italy. The stories and experiences daily are shared with Roberto as my life partner.  In December of 2013, it was time to act on a future of opportunity together.  I have been fortunate enough to help share in building a dream which started out as an idea with a vision.  The art of grilling with all natural lump wood coal, serving succulent skewers of mountain grass fed lamb, has no compromise with respect to the Italian people.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The BBQ skewer grills to America

Married now, with the last name Pizzica, I obviously have a love of the Italian culture.  I believe we all want in life to build a legacy that we can have our family say, at some point and time, my Mother believed in something so strong, and wished to share it with others, that she pursued it.

Finding our “Niche” was not easy, however,  super natural once we discovered it.

Three years prior to this point, I was dining at the Pizzica home in Prezza, Italy with family. I was introduced to “Arrosticini”, it was picked up at a local restaurant near the Piazza, similar to picking up Pizza here in the U.S.  If I haven’t totally overwhelmed you yet with the double z’s, double r’s, and double ss’s, just brace yourself, it continues.  “Arrosticini” roughly translated as  “Mini Lamb Bites”, was served on a skewer, grilled to perfection, moist, tender tasty morsels that had you wanting more with each bite.  The tantalizing flavors of this mountain raised grass fed lamb simply burst in your mouth once you slid the meat off the skewer and started chewing. Easily, you can eat 10-20 in a sitting, and so much healthier for you than a crust full of gluten.  Montepulciano d”Abruzzo Red Italian wine is served along with fresh ciabatta rolls and organic garden arugula. The only seasoning is the shaker of sea salt, and of course a dash of (peperoncino) red pepper for those wanting to experience all the best of the taste sensations together.

Italian Products “Beyond The Ordinary” by Pizzica Italian Imports is born.

Our specialty is Italian Grill Systems for Skewered Food.  The grill-ware along with age old techniques to make them is commissioned now to be spread world wide.

Rostrigrill Facility

Production facility, Italy, watch video

Our passion is to offer the diversity of products that have been created by Italian local craftsmen and manufactured specifically for us.  We proudly endorse each and every item with the mark of origin, Made In Italy.  This reflects a symbol of quality and status as well as a statement.  Our priority is to bring Italian tradition to others with pride and integrity. Newly formed, and introducing to the United States, we have launched a range of Italian made BBQ Skewer Grills and Grill-Ware, branded them in America as ROSTIGRILL.  As the ambassador’s behind Pizzica Italian Imports LTD, we started out demonstrating every weekend how to make, use and enjoy good food, outdoor grilling, and  family fun.

Bringing BBQ Skewer Grills to America can be a daunting task.

Beginning with food festivals, music and art events, and catering private parties, we have grow with the advances of the online world, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, web-sites and e-Commerce.  The goal is to reach everyone, Pizzica Italian Imports LTD has seized the opportunity and will continue to expand into the purpose of sharing the most unique way to enjoy BBQ Skewer Grilling Italian Style in America.  This blog is becoming as natural to share as the inspiration on which we were founded.

Memorial Day Sale for BBQ Skewer Grills

BBQ Skewer Grills in America

Thank-You to each and everyone who has dared to step out of your comfort zone with BBQ Grilling Skewer Italian Style, and all of you who have tried BBQ Skewer Grilling before, and want to re-visit the experience. Ciao per adesso!

Thank-You for taking a moment to watched our video. We value your comments; please take a moment to let us know you enjoyed sharing in our experience. If time is short for you, I understand, by clicking on the thumbs up to like our videos blog share will encourage our continued posting in a positive way.




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