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BBQ Skewer Grills

BBQ Skewer Grills by Rostigrill

BBQ skewer grills

BBQ Skewer Grills by Rostigrill are manufacture by craftsmen, located in Italy, to ensure the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction. The authentic nature of the product demands knowledge, experience and distinction that individual workmanship alone provides. None of our products are mass-produced, as the art     of Italian heritage would be lost. We take pride in detail, and the originality of our products. To maintain this integrity throughout Pizzica Italian Imports and Rostigrill.

“Italian Products Beyond The Ordinary”

No Chimney – No lighter-fluids – No more Blowing Air…

BBQ Skewer Grills by Rostigrill are made of  .8mm gauge, Italian stainless steel, polished to a perfect shine. Lightweight, making them easy to move or relocate, portable enough for everyone to set up and take down.

Beware for Chinese Imitation

ROSTIGRILL is 100% Made in Italy

Spiedini, Skewer Grills

BBQ skewer grills, How is made click image

rostigrill chimney grill how is made 4

Air-Flow-System ℗ designed, No chimney – No lighter fluid


 BBQ Skewer Grills by Rostigrill, with exclusive Air-Flow Chimney System , by Rostigrill.

No chimney – No lighter fluid. A deep metal tray with holes strategically located at the bottom and sides, allow air to flow through and feed the solid fuel for heat exceeding 800 F



The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

BBQ skewer grills, will reach up to 800F

Rostigrill are a stainless steel long rectangular box with fold-able legs, polished to a perfect shine, this will make the coal burn evenly preventing any spot heat, cooking uniformly on each corner. The coal compartment creates a layer of spacing between the charcoal and the bottom of the grill. The tray also serves as a skeleton to prevent the grill from warping or deforming, come with a brushed stainless steel utility shelve.

BBQ Skewer Grill-Ware by Rostigrill

BBQ Skewer Grills are foldable


BBQ Skewer Grills by  Rostigrill

Cooking on the apparatus is also quite simple. Place your skewered food so that the ends of the bamboo sticks hang over the sides and the food suspends directly over the heat. Simply turn the skewer until the food is ready to serve. During the roasting process, the braise penetrate and cook the food giving it that unmistakable flavor. The Natural juices drip onto the hot coals sending a wonderful smoky aroma through the air. Perfect to charbroil any type of skewers or kebabs, steaks, burgers, wings, chicken, hot-dogs, vegetables and fruits.

BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill  available:


  • Air-flow-System ℗ No chimney, No lighter-fluid
  • Dimensions: lengths 20″ x depth 4.5″ x height 16″, folded 4.5″ height
  • Holds up to twenty 20 skewers (depending on the size)
  • Lightweight  6 Lb.

Model C80 (IN STOCK)

  • Air-flow-System ℗ No chimney, No lighter-fluid
  • Dimensions: length 32″x depth 4.5″x height 28″, Folded 4.5″ height
  • Utility shelve brushed stainless steel  included
  • Holds 30 skewers
  • Lightweight  12Lbs
  • Foldable legs

Stainless steel  charcoal chimney starter (click here for more)

BBQ Skewer grills extension legs,  (click here for more) 

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

BBQ skewer grills, the best charcoal grill


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