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Italian Mountain by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini from the Peligna Valley, enlarge image

Original authentic arrosticini

Returning to Italy has been the inspiration needed to continue this blog!  Today, my first day upon returning, I am taking a hike from the Peligna Valley, up to the small mountain side town of Prezza, the surrounding has already tempted me to consider dinner idea’s for this evening, original authentic arrosticini of course.    Nestled in the side of a mountain, Prezza is beckoning me to reach her piazza.  

Prezza town Rostigrill

Prezza Town, Abruzzo, enlarge image

A piazza is an open square or public place in a city or town, especially in Italy, an open area with a hard surface, where there is no traffic.  The piazza is an Italian’s second home, although it also can double as a shopping plaza, day care center, courtyard, sanctuary, office, stadium or a dance floor.  In the course of a day, the residents of a village or neighborhood come to the piazza to flirt, buy things, catch up on gossip, display new clothing, compare the latest in cell phones or apps, talk politics or just to visit. 

Once I have completed today’s hiking adventure, I will surely be ready for a hearty, healthy meal prepared outdoors on the grill.

BBQ Skewer Grill-Ware by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini grilling time, enlarge image

Pratola Peligna, opens the view to Prezza in the near distance, on with my walking shoes, let the hike begin.  The mountain air is fresh and the temperature with a crisp freshness are a perfect combination for walking.  All along I am reminded of how we have brought this Italian tradition of over 200 years to America.  Bringing the presentation of “Grilling Italian Style” to America, just shy of a year ago now, as I promised, it is now time to share with you how to make original authentic arrosticini  (lamb skewers)

It is necessary to have uniform, precise pieces of meat for the skewers to pass through.  This measure allows the tender morsels to be cooked evenly when placed over the hot all natural braised lump wood coal.

The meat is cut in little cubes, this can be done piece by piece, or built using a skewer kebab maker box, which provides a cube shaped form from which you can prepare the many skewers consecutively and quickly.  Tender mountain raised, grass fed lamb is recommended.  Mutton is suggested if available for the most flavorful skewers. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of lamb, however, when it is prepared as traditional original authentic arrosticini this way, I can rank it up right up there with my new york strip steak. Different flavors totally, so individually succulent in their own right.

The BBQ skewer grill ware by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini inside a terracotta pot , enlarge image

Every cook out needs to be easy and scrumptious, eliminate paper plates, plastic-ware, make the preparation, grilling and eating with family and friends nutritious, fun and simple.  Knowing that  you can eat healthy yourself, and make the same for those you love, will encourage you to consider original authentic arrosticini for your next grilling event. You will recognize that making of arrosticini is truly an art, that even you can do.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

Original authentic arrosticini using the skewer kebab maker box cube, enlarge image

A skewer, kebab maker box cube will give you the opportunity to prepare exact cuts or pieces of lamb, with precise weights and size.  Stacking the meat uniformly on a bamboo stick, is all you need to have them ready for the hot braised coals to char-broil.

First, the preparation of the meat:

Use 5 and 1/2 pounds of lamb, preferably boneless shoulder or leg.  Remove the fat carefully from the meat and set aside, it is the only condiment used as a part of each skewer. Portion sizes should resemble approximately, oh, say 6 x 4 inch shapes, maintaining a 1 – 1 1/2 inch thickness.  There is no need to use a meat mallet, tenderizing slightly with the knife prior to stacking will do fine.

If you have decided that a cube would be easiest way to make your skewers, continue to stack the layers, starting with the fat. This keeps the lamb on the skewer tip, giving extra flavor to the lamb while grilling. Be sure to cover the entire lid area of the cube, leaving no empty space between the pieces as you build your arrosticini in a block formation.

Mountain raised, grass fed lamb is not carried at all butcher shops.  We always use the best possible cuts, raised in wholesome environments, allowing this goodness to be passed on naturally.  Organic healthy and nutritious, the same way we choose to live as we make that choice.  My vegetarian friends enjoy so…much this way to grill good wholesome food, using all natural lump wood coal contributes to the aroma and flavors. When you need to add healthy protein this works perfectly, and still keeps you on track with healthy nourishing objectives for the body.

Follow the first layer of fat with 2 layers of lamb, remembering to fill all of the spaces completely with meat. The 4th layer will be once again the reserved fat cut from the meat, continue layering till full. I recognize that this layering becomes involved, however, this is the most critical part of making the skewers the perfect and only way actually.  The distribution of flavors as the meat is cooked is what makes this layering process a unique delicacy.  As you finish filling the cube with lamb, gently press the meat with your hands. Your skewers or the entire cube should then be 80% lamb and 20% fat.

Unless you have a BBQ skewer grill by Rostigrill, you will want to soak the bamboo skewers for 30 min. in cool water. Here is where I like to remind you, bamboo is natural wood, therefore the skewers, may not be perfect. Being prepared by having on hand additional skewers for any quantity you are making is a good idea. It is recommended to pre-skewer the meat prior to inserting the bamboo skewers so as to make a clean penetration.  Pre-skewering is not necessary with all foods, only lamb, pork, or game typically require this step, unless of course creating your skewer by hand. 

Authentic Arrosticini Abruzzesi

Original authentic arrosticini Abruzzesi, enlarge image

Placing the skewers of arrosticini on the grill, with hot coal, you can roast for approx. 2 minutes on each side, one flip, no more than a total of 4 minutes.  The aroma will permeate the air, the original authentic arrosticini will need just a dash of all natural sea salt to taste. I personally can enjoy 8-10 skewers, typically figure approximately 10 or more per person.  

Traditionally, Montepulciano red wine from Abruzzo Italy is served with the spiedini skewers of lamb, you will also enjoy a slice of ciabatta bread sprinkled with fresh olive oil, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette to complete your cuisine of Italian char-broiled arrosticini.  You can indulge your imagination preparing a variety of skewers and kebabs, using meat, chicken, seafood, fruits & vegetables.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

You can indulge our imagination preparing a variety of skewers/kebabs using meat, chicken, seafood, fruits & vegetables, enlarge image

As I have reached my destination to the piazza in Prezza, I am ready to return back home and prepare original authentic arrosticini with my family. Thank-You for sharing with me the preparation of this specialty skewer tradition from years past of the region of Abruzzo Italy. Till next time, eat healthy, Italian style!


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