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Skewer-Kebab Maker Box

Skewer-Kebab Maker Box, is made of commercial grade anodize aluminum making this tool durable for commercial use “COMING SOON”.

The skewer-kebab maker box commercial grade anodize aluminum Coming Soon!

The skewer-kebab maker box commercial grade anodize aluminum                Coming Soon!

Skewer-Kebab Maker Box; for Pro-Cube commercial use will show you a hand made Italian culinary tool designed for the easy and fast preparation of skewered food and kebabs.This remarkable Skewer-Kebab Maker Box will minimize the cost of production at your business or home, keeping control of your skewer-kebab portions, maintaining the same weight, size and shape, giving you consistent skewer-kebab that will be served no less than Perfect!

Skewer-Kebab Maker Box; Professional Pro-Cube made with the highest quality durable polyethylene composite for commercial use food grade with 10 years of life.

Skewer Kebab Maker Box ProCube

Skewer Kebab Maker Box Pro-Cube watch video

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Skewer-Kebab Maker Box; Domestic Use

The skewer-kebab maker box Is the perfect tool to prepare an assortment of skewered food in minutes. With this amazing cube you can indulge your imagination preparing a variety of skewers or kebabs (beef, poultry, fish, vegetables, cheese and fruits). Using the skewer-kebab maker box with paolucci knife, you only need 100-bamboo skewer sticks 10″ long and 3mm diameter (if the skewers are bigger than 3mm it won’t go thru the cube hole guides. The paolucci knife is made specifically for the skewer-kebab maker box.

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Skewer-kebab maker box domestic use

Skewer-kebab maker box, watch video


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