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 The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube

Skewer Kebab Maker Box ProCube

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube

The skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube will transform the way you experience and enjoy your preferred skewer-kebab food into a traditional Italian style BBQ.

We are winding up the summer, the buzz is in hi-gear for back to school, football and Labor Day weekend.  This is the perfect time to switch from what used to be your preferred  method of BBQ grilling as you knew it.  The skewer kebab maker box professional pro-cube, will make event planning interesting, fun and best of all easy.  Let me share with you my secret for our family grilling events, Italian style of course.  Having established arrosticini (tender morsels of  lamb, char-broiled on a skewer or kebab Italian style) is now the family favorite. The bamboo sticks are suspended delicately over burning lump wood coal, creating an unforgettable BBQ flavor. The meat is all natural, organic wholesomeness coupled with unforgettable flavors, who doesn’t appreciate this?

Skewer-kebab maker box professional Pro-Cubo

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube  video

Eliminate plates, forks, knives, and condiments, you can already begin to see the advantages of grilling on a bamboo stick your favorite foods in a distinctive way. Ditch the forks, rid yourself of knives, forget paper products.

Simply enjoy the most delicious and succulent mouth watering skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube creations.  Char-broiled skewers and kebabs from a bamboo stick, like you’ve never had before.  The main attraction will be prepared and ready to grill for 3 minutes, then ready to eat from the skewer to your mouth, so be sure all the side dishes are placed and ready for serving, arrosticini skewers and kebabs will take center stage.

Kids love Arrosticini by Rostigrill

Kids love skewers & kebabs by Rostigrill

Some fresh bread or focaccia drizzled with cold pressed virgin olive oil, a dash of sea salt and a pinch of pepperoncini with a glass of Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo red wine, are all you need to accompany this menu.

The BBQ skewer grills by Rostigrill

The skewer-kebab maker box cubo for domestic use  How to make arrosticini  click image

Rostigrill, has seen to it, that the original authentic skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube is available here in the U.S. Wow, it is so easy to prepare for a few or several people these gourmet size bamboo skewers, there is no limit to the possibilities or the ways of creating this culinary bbq skewer-kebabs extravaganza,  the Italian grill artist way.    Grilling the skewers when they are the same size and weight ensures the flavors and tenderness to be consistent.  You will need the right tools, as with any task, if you don’t have them, the preparation will be a chore, not a pleasure.  As with most food there are waste area’s, bone, excessive area’s of fat, skin, seeds, peel, parts of the food that we throw away, dispose of and yet will clutter up your beautiful presentation of food unless trimmed before hand.  That is when you need utensils, knives, forks, other various kitchen ware in order to dig for the good stuff eliminating the unused parts of the food.  When I use my skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube for making my skewers, there is no waste, all of that has been discarded and accounted during preparation.  Each piece has been properly examined, specifically layered, tenderly aligned, measured with accuracy for consistent, volume, weight,  and size.  The most rewarding step in using the skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube process is running the knife through the pre-cut guides, giving the precision of clean slices through the food skewers.

Talk about feeling proud, when I carry a dish of skewer-kebab make box pro-cube made by my pro-cube to events, or planned gathering at home, take off the saran wrap, everyone says, wow, not only because of how pretty they are, but knowing how great they are going to taste and so fun to eat!  Let’s get them on the rostigrill and char-broiled those skewers-kebabs up.

I am choosing  lamb for the meat of choice this Labor Day, thanks to my most recent visit with:

  1. Macalusa, in Civitella Casanova, Italy
  2. Il Carro, in Pratola Peligna, Italy
  3. Vecchio Muro, Sulmona, Italy
  4. Majella, Pacentro, Italy

I have learned all the tips on how to prepare and serve this Italian delicacy the professional pro-cube way.

I have attached two very detailed video’s for your benefit on how to make these scrumptious tender morsels (arrosticini) absolutely perfect with the the skewer-kebab maker box pro-cube, pauloucci knife, and a variety of grills by Rostigrill that would best meat your personal and individual needs. 

skewer kebab by Rostigrill

The Skewer-Kebab Maker Box Professional Pro-Cube. Bigger Skewers-Bigger Kebabs, click image

Think about it, when we cook, we need continual contact with our food through a utensil. From beginning to end, while cooking, from the source of preparation, and from the plate to the teeth and mouth. With the skewer-kebab maker box professional pro-cube and domestic use, you have eliminated so much work.   It is so practical for me these days to use a professional pro-cube maker for skewers and kebabs at any gathering, I have scheduled with my family or friends.  In fact, we all know,  these days, my participation of food choice I contribute will be non other than a selection of skewers and kebabs for grilling.  There is no doubt that the children and the adults will pass all other foods first, head straight for the skewers, and then build a plate of salad and fruits to accompany their meal.

The Rostigrill is calling me, it is time to light the magic little square which ignites and starts a fire so perfectly in the natural lump wood coal, we are having New York strip steak tonight, with portobello mushrooms, spinach, and pepper jack cheese…

Till tomorrow, I will be building another blog so we can chat again,


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